Operating Challenges

QSO a Day – Week 4

Made three contacts Wednesday night, one of whom is another QCX user. As it turns out, Jack, KE0VPG, was a tech using his HF privileges.

Guess I was getting cocky with the good luck I was having. With only seven contacts to go for C and six days left to go in a month of QSOs, I couldn’t get a single station to come back to me Thursday night. I called CQ for about an hour after posting my frequency on the SKCC sked page. Not even RBN picked up on me all that well. My arm tired, I decided to call it a night and have a go at it in the morning. Thankfully, I get off work early on Fridays so I was able to fit in a QSO before the Zulu day was over.

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday were days for morning QSOs. It was nice to be able to get into new areas of the country. I began to notice that when I got on around 01:00z, I could get into Indiana regularly, but not anywhere else. The change of strategy netted me contacts in Mississippi, Virginia, and Alabama this time around. The morning ragchew with WA4FAT, Bill, was particularly nice.

I’m afraid that the QSO with WB9CTP, Ron, was not great and it was not the fault of propagation. My radio brain wasn’t working properly on Tuesday. From his QRZ page, I can tell that he’s a radio man through and through. Hopefully we can work each other again when the computer between my ears isn’t suffering from low voltage.

Stations Worked:

1 Oct

  • AA9OM
  • W9LW
  • KE0VPG

2 Oct

  • N5KIP

3 Oct

  • K0RO

4 Oct

  • KQ4CW

5 Oct

  • WA4FAT

6 Oct

  • WB9CTP

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