CW Morse Nano QRP Morse Code Key

When I first started out operating in the field, I took the only key that I owned: the Speed-X straight key. It is comfortable, adjustable, and responsive. In fact it is one of the keys that people generally recommend that people seek out if they are in the market for an affordable used key.

However, I decided that it wasn’t the key for me when operating portable for one reason. Compared to the radio, battery, and antenna, the key is on the heavier and bulkier end of the spectrum of the radio gear I have in the pack. I was looking for something that I could keep in the waterproof box that contains the radio, yet would still be something that would be enjoyable to use.

With all these things in mind, I decided to take a look at the CW Morse Nano QRP key. It is certainly tiny and it fits in my portable radio box with ease.

The silver machine screw adds a gap adjustment to this lightweight key.

When I first got the key, I noticed that the gap between the contacts was larger than I was used to.

I decided that I could reduce the gap easily myself and that this gap could even be adjustable. After digging around in my junk box, I found exactly what I was looking for: a small machine screw.

Placing the key in my bench vise, I drilled a hole in the cross bar that was slightly smaller than the screw, then placed the screw in the hole. As a result, I improved upon a key that was already not bad to begin with. Personally, I like to tinker with stuff so the modification was part of the fun and now I can say that I made it my own.

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