The Shack

QRP Mobile: a Shark HamStick installation

Moving has a way of causing you to revisit the recesses of your house. As I was digging around in the closet in my shack, I discovered an abandoned project. Last hamfest I went to, I acquired a mobile antenna mount and some Shark HamSticks for 20, 30, 40 and 80. I thought: rather than […]

Operating Challenges Sending and Receiving

Operating Challenge: W1AW Certificate of Code Proficiency

Yesterday, I was doing some reading and came across an article in QST that caught my interest. The ARRL publishes the names of people who have received their Certificate of Code Proficiency periodically in the club magazine. As I read, I recognized the callsign of one of my fellow Long Island CW clubmates, KN4ZMA, Sean. […]