Operating Challenges

QSO a Day – Week 1

When I first started out this week, I had no idea what it would turn into. All I did was work some stations on Wednesday evening, then got on every night. By the time the SKCC WES was over, I thought “Ya know, I’ve worked most of the week already. Why not try for a whole month?” So far, it’s not been nearly as hard as I thought it would be. Propagation has been difficult some days, like on Tuesday, but then all of a sudden, 40m opened up to OH allowing AA8KY and I to exchange an honest 579/599.

I can tell that my ragchew skills are beginning to improve little by little. By sending simple statements about my station, such as “PWR 5W 5W   BT   ANT INV V 20FT INV V 20FT”, I prompt the other operator to share things about their station. I do like to hear what the other person’s antenna is and I imagine that the person on the other end of the circuit enjoys it as well. For instance, George NA9E sent me END FED 200FT. Who wouldn’t want to brag a bit about that?

Stations worked: 

10 Sep
  • KE4KE
11 Sep
  • KJ4KPW
12 Sep
  • KS1KCC
  • KC4GIA
  • K9DRP
  • VE4DL
13 Sep
  • NA9E
  • W3NP
  • K0FHG
  • WD6TED
  • K3EW
14 Sep
  • AA8KY
15 Sep
  • K3RTA
  • N7PHI
16 Sep
  • KJ7GNB
  • N7WI

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