Operating Challenges

QSO a Day – Week 2

It’s a bit odd for this challenge to begin in the middle of the week, but it’s the day that I started. Inspiration is an enigmatic thing. When it comes, it must be taken advantage of.

The QSO a Day challenge is certainly changing my operating style. I’m making sure that I get on the air between 7pm and 10pm CDT (00:00z and 03:00z) to take advantage of consistent greyline openings on 40m. A few hours after dusk, most everyone follows the good propagation to 80m. 

I could take advantage of greyline in the morning, but I’m often commuting. Any earlier than that and 40m is still dead. Perhaps after I finish this month, I’ll expand my QRP station to include 80m, allowing for better nighttime and wintertime operating. Plus, if I ever hope to work Alaska, I’d better get low. 

Had a grand old time camping this past weekend in the Ouachita National Forest, POTA K-4244 . That trip deserves a separate post.

Tuesday evening (Wednesday 00:00z) presented a real challenge. Normally, I would get on at my usual time of 7pm CDT, but I had a cross country meet to coach this evening. This, compounded with my job being an hour away from my QTH meant that operating would be nigh impossible if I wanted to sleep. A little improvisation was in order.

Backyard portable

The benefits of portable QRP operation saved me Wednesday morning. My parents live one block away from the school I work at so I stay there most nights where coaching and bus driving keep me out late. Since I didn’t have to drive to work that morning, I used the time to operate in their back yard and made my contact. I was a little rushed, but I got out to VE3FGU in Ontario. Week two in the books!

Stations worked:

17 Sep
  • KF4AV
  • AK4JA
  • W5WTH
  • K2PI
18 Sep
  • NZ1J
  • WK7J
  • KG4MTN
  • K1EDG
19 Sep
  • W4LSV
20 Sep (from POTA K-4424)
  • NF1O
  • KJ4R
  • WA3KFS
  • W2ITT
  • W7LXN
  • W1PID
  • KB1DC
  • W2RAN
  • K4XU
  • W6OUL
  • K6LDQ
21 Sep
  • W5WTH
22 Sep
  • WI5H
23 Sep
  • VE3FGU

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